Premium Subscription Smoker Box

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal smoking butler delivering the best gear on the market to your doorstep? Take a look.

How It Works

Choose Your Style

Choose your smoking style. We've got goodies for every type of smoker.

Customize Your Order

Answer a few questions to tailor the box to your preferences.

Get Your Box

You get your personalized box of the best products every month, right to your door.

What's Inside

* Boxes change each month, so you'll always have a new unique haul!

Our Circle

We collaborate with the top brands in the industry to bring you the hottest products every month.

Smoke Without Subscribing

Whether or not you're a Hippie Butler subscriber you can access a killer selection of smoking gear available in our shop, including some of the coolest smoking accessories around.

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Smokers

When you smoke like we do, staying fully-stocked with rolling papers, wraps, lighters and the newest gear can be difficult without daily runs to the overpriced convenience stores. Until now.

Hippie Butler Boxes