The Smoker’s Guide to the Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

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Recently, the smoking industry has been making monumental climbs in the requirement and regulation of product testing. This is caused by a consumer outcry for safer products that have been checked for impurities at every step of their respective life cycles. The smoking community has been demanding smoking accessories that are safe and efficient. Thanks to this push, companies developed the hemp wick, which has been helping smokers everywhere stay away from harmful chemicals in lighters.

Hemp wick is made from the fibers of the hemp plant, which are very strong and durable. When braided together the strength is reinforced into a thin cord, similar to a rope. The thickness of the cord needs to be enough that the burn is slow and controlled, but not so thick that the flame is large or difficult to create. This creates a consistent burn rate that is manageable by the user. In order to further control the rate of burn, the hemp wick is usually coated in an organic beeswax which helps to insulate the rope itself and make sure that the flame will not increase in size or speed and keeps the temperature low.

How do I use hemp wick?

Using a hemp wick is just as easy as using a lighter. First, hold a 2-3 inch length of the hemp wick of your choice in your fingers. Next, take your butane lighter and light the end of the wick. A small, very controlled flame will appear and begin to track its way down the rope. All that’s left is to simply hold the flame above your bowl or rolling papers packed full of your favorite herb and inhale. The flame acts just like it would from a butane lighter, except that you won’t inhale any of the toxic chemicals and hemp wick may stay lit after you’re done lighting your herb. To extinguish, just give the wick a quick shake and it’ll go out right away.

The best way to control the length of hemp wick is by wrapping it around something, typically that object is a lighter. Since you need to light the hemp wick to use it, it makes sense to keep it close to your most convenient source of heat. Many people also like to rely on a small gadget called Quik Wikk Mini, which is essentially a small plastic spool that is used to wind up your hemp wick into an easily manageable bundle. There is a hidden advantage to the spool of hemp wick as well. When a hemp wick is wrapped around a lighter, it uses the beeswax to create tension, but that beeswax also tends to rub off under a lot of friction, meaning that the integrity can be damaged. However, using a spool of hemp wick can protect your pockets and your wick from becoming a mess because the design prevents anything else from touching the material.

Why smokers should use hemp wick over traditional butane lighters

So what’s the benefit of ditching your old butane lighter for a hemp wick, and why should you care? Is it worth all that work? Everytime that you light a lighter, butane gas is released into the air at a consistent flow and quickly ignited by the sparks that are made by the flint. When you hover the lighter over your legal smoking herbs to begin taking your hit, you inhale a combination of fresh and burnt butane every single time. This can actually change the taste experience of legal smoking herbs, often hiding any flavor profiles in addition to having negative impacts on your lungs and respiratory system.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

Hemp wicks serve to take away some of that anxiety regarding the actual ignition of your prefered smoking herbs. By using hemp as an alternative, you are cutting out all that extra butane from your lungs. It goes without saying that any form of smoking is inherently detrimental to your health and pose serious health risks.


  • How much hemp wick do I need to buy?
  • Fortunately, hemp wick burns very slowly, at only about â…“ to ½ of an inch per hit, so a short length can last quite a white. While some smokers prefer to have a large spool of hemp wick on hand, your classic BIC or Clipper lighter is just the right size to fit about 3 feet of cord onto the lighter. Wrapping hemp wick around your lighter is a useful trick used by many smokers because it allows them to easily use their hemp wick on-the-go.
  • Does hemp wick have a smell?
  • Hemp wick should absolutely not have a smell any further than the natural smell of the organic material. The cord itself will not smell, and the beeswax itself is odorless. You have nothing to worry about for shipping or when throwing your wick in your pocket as it is a product that is unregulated in the United States. This makes it perfectly discreet so you can stay under the radar even when you’re traveling.
  • Does smoking with hemp wick produce a smoother hit?
  • Your smoking experience when using a hemp wick will definitely change in incremental ways. Because the flame is slightly smaller and holds less energy, legal smoking herbs has a tendency to vaporize shortly before combusting. This creates a slightly smoother hit and a more flavorful experience because the integrity of the smoking herb’s flavors, allowing them to reach your pallet and create a better experience. In short, because the flame isn’t as hot, it isn’t burning your herbs, allowing you to get a more full bodied flavor.
  • Is hemp wick safe to smoke?
  • Hemp wick presents a great natural alternative to the traditional butane lighters and are arguably better to inhale. One must always remember that inhaling any airborne carbon particles is not good for the lungs, so always take caution with what you use to smoke your herbs. Chemicals inside of the legal smoking herbs and inside of the smoking accessories that you use need to be top quality and tested for heavy metals and unintentional matter.
  • Can hemp wick go bad?
  • Hemp wick does not go bad. Just like any other rope, the hemp cord can last an extremely long time when it has no reason to break down or decompose. The beeswax does not have a shelf life either, which means that your hemp wick will stick around as long as you do. It is important to note, however, that beeswax can in fact dry out a bit over long period of time when exposed to a surplus of moving air, so make sure to keep your extra stash in a cabinet where it will remain preserved.


While there is no healthy way to smoke, there are ways to cut out some more of those harmful chemicals and carcinogens. By trading out your butane lighter for hemp wick, you’re saving your lungs from all those toxic chemicals a lighter can present. Keep your smoke sessions classy by keeping herbs close and your hemp wick closer.

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