Dictionary of Glass Pipe Terms

The Hippie Butler is at your service every day, and lately, we’ve realized many of you have been baffled with all the different products and terminology used by the glass gurus. Glass water pipes have been enjoyed by connoisseurs for years in order to preserve the raw, unprocessed nature of the leaves while inhaling a smooth and delicious draw.

Dictionary of Glass Pipe Terms

The variety of items that have been invented and refined over the decades can vary widely in their available options as well as their complexity. For your reading pleasure, we have compiled a glossary that seeks to shrink this knowledge gap with definitions of terminology used today in the smoking industry.

Types of Glass Pipes

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are shaped like spoons with a traditional design that features a carb, a bowl, and a mouthpiece. Their small sizes make them suitable for on-the-go smoking.

Sherlock Pipes

This unique design incorporates an extended tube that curves at the end and features a lower placement of the bowl. This pipe is named after the famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock pipes are longer and more delicate than other spoon pipes. This style is suitable for non-travel smoking, perhaps in the home of your or a friend.

Sherlock Pipe


A chillum is a small, cigar-shaped tube of glass meant for single person portions. They feature a straight tube, bowl, and mouthpiece. Chillums are a great option for smoking discreetly.


These glass pipes use a chamber of water to diffuse the smoke before it enters your lungs. Bubblers have a small compact design and a fixed bowl. This pipe is made for those looking forward to the benefits of water filtration, like resin and tar elimination, within a small compact piece.


The glass hammer is a hammer-shaped glass pipe that incorporates flat bottoms in its design. The flat bottoms stabilizes the piece and eliminating wobble. Depending on its build, it can work as a bubbler too.

Hammer Bubbler Pipes


Designed for more mature smokers, a steamroller has a two-part body. Smokers get a substantial draw with the aid of one end that acts as the carburetor. This pipe is suited for experienced smokers due to its harsh, hot rips. Check out the Jane West Steamroller Pipe.


Similar to a straight tube pipe, a beaker-shaped pipe differs slightly in that the bottom is flared to a cone shape. The large diameter base lends more stability than straight-tube pipes.

Adaptable Beakers

Adjustable beakers offer sturdiness and functionality with parts that can be interchanged. The modular pieces include the 14mm stem and the neck. These options give the smoker more freedom to choose the amount of desired smoke. Check out this Flower Of Life Adaptable Beaker.

Percolator Pipes

Percolator pipes contain a piece of additional glass in the interior of the tube that causes a bubbling effect that disperses the smoke before it contacts the water. The design can be beaker, straight-tube, or a variety of other shapes. The presence of the percolator makes the difference as it cools and filters the smoke faster and better.

Straight-Tube Pipes

Straight-tube pipes consist of a bowl, simple tube, and a stem that seals the tube at one end. This offers the simplest design available and a simple, straightforward smoke session.

Silicone Cone Bubbler

The silicone cone bubbler is similar to the glass cone bubbler in that it makes for a smoother smoking experience. The design incorporates a carburetor hole, a hand-held bubbler, and a suction cup bottom. A removable top for the bubbler makes cleaning and refills easy.

Glass Blunts

A sliding glass tube within a glass pipe is the defining feature of the glass blunt. Ash slides out the end as you smoke. Check out the Magnetic Glass Blunt.

Glass Blunt

Heady Glass

These are glass pieces that are made of high-quality glass. Each piece is considered a unique, handmade, heirloom-quality work of art. Heady glass is usually considered the alternative to Scientific Glass, which is a more precision-based style of glass that is clean and manufactured the same for every type of pipe.


Monsoons are spill proof water pipes that incorporate a glass chamber with a system of holes which enable easy bubbling of smoke through water. However, it can be difficult to remove the water. Check out the Monsoon Glass Water Pipe.

Monsoon Pipe

Nectar Collector

A new member of the concentrate family, nectar collectors function like a straw with a straight tube design consisting of a tip, body, and neck. Suitable for smoking oils and waxes.


Recyclers are water pipes used with concentrates that utilize a second chamber to recycle smoke. Water and smoke move in a circle throughout the pipe. This leaves the smoke exceptionally filtered and the hits bigger than expected.

Pipe Attachments


This term refers to the part of the glass pipe in which the smoking material is placed. Replacement bowls are a popular item due to their susceptibility to being broken.


A banger limits the creation of excess heat in the glass pipe by featuring an extended nail design that includes a dish separated horizontally from the body of the rig.


Made of glass, stainless steel, or titanium, the dabber is long and thin and used to apply pressure on herb extract on an oil rig pipe’s heated surface. Check out the RooR Glass Crown Cap Dabber.

RooR Dabbers


A dome is a glass covering on an oil rig that is placed on top of a non-domeless nail. Its function is to funnel air into the glass pipe.


These battery-powered or plug-in electronic devices either heat a concentrate-friendly surface or nail without the need of a torch. Check out the Globin Hood Mini E-Nail Kit.


A carb-cap is a cap that allows consuming concentrates at a lower temperature through the manipulation of air flow or carburetion. It is offered in various configurations and shapes including dabber end attachments.

Glass pipes are known for offering the purest smoking experience, especially when kept crystal clean. They are easy to use and maintain. Let the Hippie Butler be your guide to an easier and more enjoyable shopping and smoking experience. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ring our bell.

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