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Buying a new pipe can be overwhelming for both beginners and connoisseurs alike. Glass pipes especially, have multiple parts that need explaining and here at Hippie Butler, we’re at your service. If you’ve been baffled with the different products and terminology used by the glass gurus, look no further. Dictionary of Glass Pipe Terms Using glass pipes are often the preferred method of smoking by many seasoned smokers due to the ability to preserve the raw, unprocessed nature of the leaves while inhaling a smooth and delicious draw. The variety of items that have been invented and refined over the decades can vary widely in their available options as well as their complexity. For your reading pleasure, we have compiled a glossary that seeks to shrink this knowledge gap with definitions of terminologies used today in the smoking industry.

Adaptable Beakers

Adjustable beakers offer the same water pipe features and sturdiness as the original beaker, but adjusts to the smoker’s preference. The functionality with parts that can be interchanged is a favorite among many indecisive smokers who want the best of both worlds. The modular pieces include the 14mm stem and the neck. These options give the smoker more freedom to choose the amount of smoke they desire. Check out this Flower Of Life Adaptable Beaker.


A banger is a detachable piece that limits the creation of excess heat in the glass pipe by featuring an extended nail design that includes a dish, separated horizontally from the body of the rig.


Beakers are water pipes that have an elongated neck with a cone-shaped base. The large diameter base lends more stability than straight-tube pipes and allows for extra water to be poured into the wide reservoir, creating a cooler, smoother smoking experience.


Bowls are the detachable piece of the pipe where the smoking material is placed. It resembles a small “bowl” with a hole at the bottom to allow smoke to pass through. Replacement bowls are available to match your smoking preferences or if one breaks.


Bubblers are glass pipes that use a chamber of water to diffuse the smoke before it enters your lungs. They have a small, compact design with a fixed bowl and a carb and a small reservoir for water. This pipe is perfect for smokers who are looking forward to the benefits of water filtration which helps eliminate resin and tar, within a smaller, more discreet piece.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is a cap that allows consuming concentrates at a lower temperature through the manipulation of air flow. It is offered in various configurations and shapes including dabber end attachments.

A carb is the small hole in your glass pipe that allows airflow to be restricted, allowing the smoke to be cleared once the carb is no longer blocked. You should hold your thumb over the carb and remove it once the chamber is filled with your desired amount of smoke.


Chillums are slender, small, cigar-shaped tubes of glass that are meant for single person portions. They feature a straight tube, bowl, and mouthpiece that are meant for on the go and discreet smoking. Since there is minimal glass in between the tobacco and the mouthpiece, this can create a harsher hit, however this pipe allows the smoker to have freedom to smoke on the go with ease.

Cone Bubbler

The cone bubbler makes for a smooth smoking experience with the added convenience of its easy to conceal size. The design incorporates a carburetor hole, a hand held bubbler, and a suction cup bottom. A removable top for the bubbler makes cleaning and refills easy.


Made of glass, stainless steel, or titanium, the dabber is a long, thin tool used in the application process of smoking oils and concentrates. The dabber allows you to pick up and apply your concentrates to the banger or nail of your pipe. Check out the RooR Glass Crown Cap Dabber.


A dome is a glass covering that is placed on an oil rig over a domeless nail. The dome fits nicely over the nail to capture the vapor created when a piece of concentrate is touched to the heated area. Many smokers consider glass domes as an essential part of smoking oil or concentrates.


These battery powered or plug-in electronic devices either heat a concentrate friendly surface or nail without the need of a torch. With adjustable temperatures, the e-nail heats up quickly and is safer as it takes away the need to utilize a torch for your concentrates.

Glass Blunts

Glass blunts are similar to chillums, but with added technology to enhance your smoking experience. Glass blunts are usually either magnetic or have a spiral piece on the inside to hold the smoking herbs in place. As you smoke, ash slides out of the end which allows for a clean burn and is best for traveling smokers. Check out the Magnetic Glass Blunt.


The glass hammer pipe is a versatile piece that can be used with or without water. It’s shape resembles a hammer with a flat bottom which helps to stabilize the piece and eliminates wobbling. Frequent smokers love this pipe because of its versatility and unique shape.

Heady Glass

Heady glass is a type of pipe made from high quality glass and is considered a unique, handmade, heirloom quality work of art. This type of glass is usually considered the alternative to scientific glass which is a more precision based style of glass that is clean and manufactured the same way for every type of pipe.


Monsoons are unique because they are both a hand pipe as well as a water pipe. This spill proof water pipe incorporates a glass chamber with a system of holes that enables easy bubbling of smoke through water. This is a great choice if you are looking for a piece that is discreet and easy to hold, however it can be difficult to remove and change the water. Check out the Monsoon Glass Water Pipe.

Nectar Collector

A new addition to the concentrate accessory family, nectar collectors function like a straw with a straight tube design consisting of a tip, body and neck. This glass accessory is perfect for smoking oils and waxes.

Percolator Pipes

Percolator water pipes contain a piece of additional glass in the interior of the tube that causes a bubbling effect and disperses the smoke before it contacts the water. Multiple water pipe styles can include percolators and there are many types of percolators available to the avid smoker. Percolators can come in a variety of choices like the honeycomb, turbine, showerhead and more.


These water pipes are traditionally used with concentrates that utilize a second chamber to recycle smoke, which moves in a circle throughout the pipe. This leaves the smoke exceptionally filtered and the hits bigger than expected.

Sherlock Pipes

This unique design incorporates an extended tube that curves at the end, and features a lower placement of the bowl. This pipe is named after the famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes, because it is the pipe that he used and ultimately, made iconic. Sherlock pipes are longer and more delicate than other spoon pipes. This style is suitable for non-travel smoking, perhaps in your home, reading about your favorite mischievous detective.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes pipes can be held easily in your hand and are shaped like spoons, with a traditional design that features a carb, bowl, and mouthpiece. Their small sizes make them suitable for on the go and compact smoking. This variety of pipe is usually the most durable, easy to use, and cost effective piece for most smokers.


Perfect for the minimalist, the steamroller has a two part body with one end being used as a carb. Smokers get a substantial draw with the aid of one end that acts as the carburetor. This pipe is suited for more seasoned smokers due to it’s harsh, hot rips. Check out the Jane West Steamroller Pipe.

Straight Tube Pipes

Straight tube pipes consist of a bowl, simple tube and a stem that seals the tube at one end. This offers the simplest design available and straightforward smoke session. This pipe style is a good option for beginners due to the easy to use design.

Glass pipes are known for offering the purest smoking experience, especially when kept crystal clean. Luckily, glass pipes are the easiest to use and maintain with proper pipe cleaning solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a newbie, let The Hippie Butler be your guide to an easier and more enjoyable shopping and smoking experience. As always, if you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ring our bell.

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