Glass Pipes vs. Silicone Pipes

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Glass and silicone water pipes are the most popular materials for experienced smokers. The Butler wants to show you the benefits of both, and how one piece may fit your smoking style better. Flavor, consistency, and size all matter when it comes to great hits. Why not help yourself out?

Differences Between Silicone and Glass Pipes

The Butler has used every type of glass and silicone pipe, and he’s here to go through the dirty details! Understanding the differences in materials will help you choose the perfect piece for your smoking lifestyle.


Glass pipes are notorious for breaking easily unless you invest in very thick glass, but those can still break. Hippie Butler offers a program called Pipe Protect with any of our smoking pieces, where we send you a brand new one at a fraction of the cost. Even though silicone pipes are pretty hard to mess up, this program is worth it.


It is an opinion that glass cannot be beaten in smoke quality. Although the silicone version may work for a long while, many people claim that the quality deteriorates with use and age. High-quality silicone pieces will not experience this effect, and many of our silicone pieces come with glass parts to ensure quality over time.


Both materials will require cleaning, but silicone requires a bit more care than glass. Glass stands up to abrasive cleaning methods that silicone can’t. Before you decide which material to choose for your next pipe, you should consider how often you might expose your piece to wear and tear. There are effective cleaning solutions that clean both glass and silicone painlessly. It never hurts to have both if you feel you still want to use glass but feat traveling with it, or know that you will probably need a backup pipe in the event you do break your glass piece.

Why Glass Smoking Pipes are Popular

Glass pipes are popular with smoking connoisseurs. Smooth hits and easy maintenance are only the beginning of why glass is so great to smoke from.

Smooth Hits And Stain Resistance

Glass water pipes have set a precedent for all smoking devices in the future. Most of our premium glass water pipes come with percolators to help get smooth and tasty hits.  Glass is the best material for percolation, while also being resistant to stains. This means it’s easy to clean, even after you use it a bunch. Achieving the perfect session is not a hard task when you keep your piece clean as a whistle.  See how it shines!

Intricate and Effective Percolator Design

Glass pipe design has become an admired art form for many smokers. For some individuals, no other material will ever be able to replace their glass pipe. There are hundreds of water pipe brands that specialize in intricate and complex designs to create incredible smoking experiences. This GIF shows a premium glass percolator at work. Look at that percolation! This process makes the smoke thicker and smoother while accentuating flavor!

Easy To Carry And Use

Other glass smoking pipes are used for their convenience and a smooth smoke. These locally sourced glass spoon pipes allow you to smoke, even when you’re on the go! Keep it in a carrying case with your other glass pipes to choose a pipe that fits the mood.

The Benefits of Silicone Smoking Pipes

Silicone has been putting great products on the market. Silicone pipes are great for people who could be prone to accidents, or if you have a history of getting pieces broken. If you have gone through several glass pipes in the past year, it would be smart to try switching to silicone.

The great part is, there are many silicone pieces that work just like glass, for those who are worried about the transition. Silicone bubbler pipes work as a perfect replacement for any glass enthusiast. With water filtration very similar to most glass pipes, this is a perfect addition to any smoking collection.

A benefit of silicone is that it can take a while to get dirty. The material is usually quite opaque which means there will never be discoloration, but this can lead to a lower quality flavor. It’s important to use glass cleaner on your pieces regularly to ensure they provide you with a clean toke.

Choosing Between Both

One of the best ways to decide is to check out both of them first hand, in action. This may not be possible for some, but rest assured, neither one is a bad choice. It’s really hard to go wrong with either, and if you decide to own both, you can harness the benefits of both and use them according to the situation.

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