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If you want to take your smoking experience to the next level, then consider upgrading your tip. To start simply, tips are mouthpieces that act as a handle when you’re puffing your favorite legal smoking blend. They make it easier to grip whatever you rolled, and you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers or lips as you’re passing it around and smoking it down.

The right tip will also enhance the rolling process for novices and roll-your-own connoisseurs alike. Whether you prefer paper, glass, or pre-rolled tips, your smoking options can seem endless. Tips have quickly become known as an easy way to have a classier smoke session. Don’t know where to start? Your Hippie Butler is here to help.

Why Every Smoker Should Use a Filter

A Smoother Roll: One of the best things about tips is that they help keep a firm structure as you roll. If you’re still perfecting your rolling technique, then tips are your friend.

When you roll up with a tip you’re starting from a perfect cylinder or cone each time, so you’ll always have a nice shape at the end. You may want to use a narrow tip or something wider depending on your smoking preferences. Small tips are best for smaller rolls and those who prefer a little less smoke inhalation.

A Softer Smoke: You are guaranteed to have a superior smoking experience with the right tip. When using a tip, you’re filtering out residue, meaning you’re getting a more pure puff with each drag. Your lungs will thank you.

Tips make things easier, given that they hold up the shape of the roll, they will also help prevent it from getting too narrow and clogging as you smoke, or worse, collapsing in on itself.

A Smarter End: No one likes to puff on a wet, soggy end. Tips, especially those made of glass, are one of the best ways to keep things dry as you puff.

Filters make it easier to smoke all the way down to the end, because they keeps some distance between you and the burn. You can reuse them too – less trash created and cash spent! Even better? You can use tips in your handy rolling machine, meaning it’s never been easier to enjoy your smoke break.

Which Type of Smoking Tip Is Right for Me?

Glass Smoking Tips

While paper tips can typically only be used once, glass tips can be reused without limit. All you have to do is keep them clean and in one piece. Luckily it’s easy to clean them. Cleaning gels keep things simple. You only need a couple drops and your mouthpiece will be like new again.

Many glass tips also have a pinch shape to them in order to prevent you from inhaling any unwanted, stray pieces. Some are more heat-resistant than others, depending on the quality of the glass. We’ll take a closer look at a few options below.

  1. OG Glass Tips

    Butler approved. These tips are handmade using Grade A Glass. Each tip is 25mm long with a 9mm diameter. When you smoke with these, you’re filtering tar and getting the full natural flavors of the smoke. OG Tips say they are designed to fit in standard cigarette rollers, but are also easily used when rolling by hand.

  2. RooR Glass Tips

    You can choose from either 8mm or 10mm wide glass RooR tips. They feature a smart, criss-cross cut filter on the bottom to catch any loose particles. While they typically come in an oval mouthpiece shape, you can request custom colors and shapes by using the link above and writing the details in the order comments. These tips are handcrafted in Germany with high end glass.

  3. RAW Glass Tips

    These tips are made by RooR glass and feature a spiral glass inside. While still smooth on the outside, the unique inner shape allows for increased airflow and picks up more residue as the air swirls through. Loved by seasoned pros, these tips pair perfectly with RAW rolling papers.

OG Glass Tips
RooR Glass Tips
RAW Glass Tips

Pre-rolled Paper Tips

Paper tips can be a quick, easy, and fun way to roll. They come in different flavors and a seemingly endless variety of paper types, shapes and sizes. They are not meant to be reused, but do offer the same benefits of glass tips in that they let you smoke all the way down to the end and save your lungs from pollutants.

  1. Rolls 69 Tips

    Manufactured in Prague, the Rolls 69 brand is known for its pre-rolled, paper tips with unique “cooling” technology. Their tips each feature a special, two-part inner filter. The first part is an elongated version of a classic filter, meant to capture pollutants. The second part of the filter is their trademark cooling system. They’ve engraved several rows of holes using laser technology, intended to bring more fresh air in as you puff while also cooling down the smoke.

  2. Lion Rolling Circus Tips

    If you want some funky, eye-catching supplies then come to the circus. You can choose between the pre-rolled paper tips at the link above, or booklets of perforated tips perfect for DIY rollers. These fun, artistic accessories are perfect to add to your collection if it’s getting a little stale!

  3. RAW Tips

    RAW tips are a classic, convenient option for a quick roll. RAW products are known for being completely unrefined and made with all natural materials. When you smoke with RAW you can feel confident that your lungs are protected from toxic chemical bleaching and chlorine.

    RAW also offers perforated, gummed tips which make rolling-your-own smokes a breeze. The perforation also lets you create a ‘Z’ in the center, helping to prevent feedback.

Rolls 69 Tips
Lion Rolling Circus Tips
RAW Tips

Rolling Papers with Tips

  1. Pure Hemp Unbleached with Tips

    We love a package deal. Made of 100% hemp, you can trust that you’re getting an all natural and toxin free smoke when you choose Pure Hemp. Each pack comes with 33 king size hemp papers and 33 tips, so get rolling.

  2. Smoking Brand Deluxe with Tips

    For another 2 in 1 option, Smoking Brand Deluxe offers 1 ¼ papers with a booklet of 50 rolling tips. It’s easy to roll your own with each tip being scored for your convenience.

  3. RAW Organic Connoisseur Papers with Tips
    Each pack comes with 32 tips and 32 super-thin organic king size slim rolling papers made from pure hemp. If you want the most natural burn, you can’t go wrong with RAW. The RAW signature run-preventing watermark also helps the papers burn smooth and slow.
Pure Hemp Unbleached with Tips
Smoking Brand Deluxe with Tips
RAW Organic Connoisseur Papers with Tips

Cone Tips

  1. RAW Perfecto Cone Tips

    Always made natural and unrefined, these cone-shaped papers make it that much easier for you to roll a solid tip. The papers have one side of perforation so you can make your “W” or “Z” inside shape for smooth smoking.

  2. RAW Maestro Cone Tips

    These perforated tips are made from the purest hemp and cotton blend available. If you want the cleanest, most natural smoke possible then you will love RAW’s Maestro Tips.

  3. Elements Maestro Pre-Rolled Cone Tips

    Each pack of Elements Maestro comes with 21 pre-rolled cone tips. These are perfect when you’re on the go or just don’t want to roll your own tip. The tips have a “W” shaped inside filter, and are always chlorine and chemical free.

RAW Perfecto Cone Tips
RAW Maestro Cone Tips
Elements Maestro Pre-Rolled Cone Tips

What Is the Difference Between a Crutch Tip and a Filter?

Crutches are rolled up filters typically made from cardboard or thick paper. Both crutches and smoking filters help reduce residue and prevent the mouthpiece from getting crushed.

How to roll a DIY smoking crutch filter

  1. Find a sturdy paper or cardboard material. Try to avoid anything that has a large amount of ink or other chemicals that may not burn cleanly. You will need material thick enough so that it doesn’t get soggy when someone puts their mouth on it.

  2. Make 3 – 4 accordion-style folds on one side of your material. The folds should not be creased too far as that will restrict airflow through the roll.

  3. Using your extra material make a small piece to wrap around the folds until it fights tight. If there is any extra material, remove it carefully so it doesn’t block the filtration.

How to Roll a Crutch: Step 1
How to Roll a Crutch: Step 2
How to Roll a Crutch: Step 3


Trying to decide which smoking filter is right for you can be difficult with all of the many choices available on the market. They all have unique pros and cons so you should consider how, where, and what you like to roll when deciding what’s best for you. Using tips and filters will instantly take your smoking experience to the next level and your lungs will thank you. If you want to step up your smoking game, then this guide should set you in the right direction.

We love hearing from you! In the comments below, please tell us about your favorite smoking filter brands, a handy trick you have for rolling your smokes with a tip, or any questions you may have about smoking filters, tips, or crutches that we didn’t answer here.

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