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XVAPE: The Premier Herbal Vaporizer

As a connoisseur of the finer things in life, it isn’t too often that your Hippie Butler stumbles upon a smoking apparatus that he can’t live without. It’s even rarer when he finds a brand that consistently delivers high-quality products, time and time again. As such, your Hippie Butler is proud to announce a partnership with XVAPE Vaporizers, a company whose technology and design have caught the Butler’s eye with each new device released. As an authorized retailer of XVAPE Vaporizer products, it is guaranteed that you will always purchase an authentic XVAPE device when shopping with your Butler.

How XVAPE Began

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What is it that makes a vaporizer so special? XVAPE set out to find the answer to this frequently asked question when they introduced their first vaporizer, the V2, to the US market in 2014, following a year of initial successful sales in Europe. Since their initial launch, the XVAPE team has added many more devices to their vaporizer lineup ranging from discreet and sleek pocket-sized herbal vaporizers like the Aria to portable electronic rigs with a water function like the Vista Mini 2. Whether you prefer herbs or concentrates, XVAPE has a vaporizer that will fit your needs.

Vaporizers Designed with Intention

These unique yet practical vaporizers are a product of Pomona, CA, where the XVAPE team pairs their designs with technology specifically engineered to achieve their goal of creating an impeccable vaping experience for every user. XVAPE makes these intentions even more clear to their customers by offering a twelve-month warranty on all devices purchased directly from XVAPEusa.com and from authorized retailers such as Hippie Butler. This ensures that every vaporizer purchased can be trusted by the consumer to be a high-quality design and manufacturing. Along with their warranty guarantee, XVAPE offers excellent customer support through a contact form on their website.

XVAPE’s Unique Smart Rig Technology

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Due to their innovative style, xvape caught notable traction after the release of the Vista Mini in 2018, an upgrade from the original Vista, carrying on its standing electronic smart rig design. Again, bettering their product line, they launched the Vista Mini 2, which boasts several unique features that elevate the user experience such as a glass water attachment, glass carb cap, large ceramic heating chamber, and temperature settings with a color-changing OLED light indicator. The Vista Mini 2 is also the first vaporizer of its kind to feature wireless fast charging through a USB powered charging pad. The unit is housed in a strong base finished in your choice of silver or black, adding to the luxurious appearance and feel that your Hippie Butler strives to deliver. Standing under 5 inches tall, the Vista Mini 2 is a beautifully packaged portable electronic rig paired with technology that helped establish the XVAPE brand as a top-notch manufacturer of vaporizer products.

A Tip From Your Hippie Butler

The XVAPE Vista Mini is excellent for vaporizing your concentrates in a flash. However, if you’re looking for a dry herb vaporizer, the Butler recommends checking out the XVAPE Aria, Avant, or Starry as these vapes feature a fully ceramic heating chamber for your dry herbs.

Your Hippie Butler’s Favorite XVAPE Vaporizers

Whether you prefer vaping dry herbs or concentrates, the XVAPE Aria can do it all. With its top-notch isolated airflow, you can enjoy full ceramic conduction as well as a fully ceramic magnetic mouthpiece, which allows for a better draw and a cleaner hit. The Aria is designed with haptic feedback, which means the device vibrates to let you know it’s being activated so you no longer have to guess what your vape is doing. This handheld vape also has a screen to ensure your temp readings will be accurate and easy to understand. Enjoy a wide range of temperatures varying from 212°F – 464°F backed by the powerful 260 mAh, micro USB rechargeable battery, which provides a 20-second heat up time. Your Hippie Butler highly recommends the XVape Aria for any vaping connoisseur.If you prefer to smoke out of a water pipe, check out the Aria to Water Pipe Adapter, which adds cooling and filtration to your smoking experience!

XVape Avant

A surprisingly mighty herbal vaporizer that fits in your pocket, The XVAPE Avant is a real crowd-pleaser. At only 4 inches tall, the Avant can join you on any adventure, near or far. Boasting a magnetic top, a fully ceramic chamber, and five temperature settings, the Avant makes smoking on-the-go discreet and easy. This handy vape will quickly become your favorite portable vaporizer.

Xvape Starry

These sleek and practical Xvape Starry 3.0 vapes are designed for your favorite legal smoking herbs and concentrates. This mighty vaporizer is equipped with a 18650 replaceable battery and LED temperature adjustment screen. Each of these wonderful vapes offers convection heating and has a ceramic baking chamber! Adjust your temperatures anywhere from 212°F – 464°F, while pulling from the zirconia magnetic ceramic mouthpiece, which folds in for compact travel. To vape concentrates, simply drop in the included concentrates pad into the chamber and get puffing! These modern and striking vaporizers are perfectly curated for the smoking connoisseur.

Vista Mini 2

Small and mighty, the XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is a compact electric bubbler vaporizer that will heat your concentrates to the perfect smoking temperature. This herbal vaporizer features a detachable glass water chamber that sits atop a base, finished in your choice of silver, black, or “prism.” Its angled, glass mouthpiece provides a more comfortable draw, and the custom glass carb cap allows you to control how much smoke you inhale. The 1.3ML chamber houses a revolutionary crystal quartz atomizer with short circuit protection, along with precise temperature controls with LED indicators, that all work together to make sure your concentrates and oils are perfectly vaporized and nothing is wasted. This vape will allow you to smoke on-the-go, without garnering too much-unwanted attention.

Why Every Smoker Should Try an XVAPE Vaporizer

As a result of his love for the finer things, combined with a deep love for the art of vaporization, these XVAPE devices are #ButlerApproved and covered under XVAPE’s twelve-month warranty when purchased from HippieButler.com. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-discreet portable vaporizer for herbs and concentrates or one featuring a water function, your Hippie Butler has an authentic XVAPE device waiting for you.

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Which XVAPE Herbal Vaporizer is Your Favorite?

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