5 Ways to Impress Your Smoking Valentine

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From high-end luxury to DIY craft concoctions, a wide spectrum of gift-giving is common on Valentine’s Day. A romantic gift is supposed to be personal, yet big enough to register as a meaningful gesture. It can get tough, and if you’re unsure of where to begin, you’re not alone. Do you and your partner share a love of smoking? Then let your Hippie Butler set you on the right path with this Valentine’s Day gift guide that’s sure to fast-track you towards relationship brownie points.

Breakfast in Bed with the RAW Lap Rolling Tray

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the reservations you make or the gifts you buy your significant other. Perhaps more than anything else, romance is about the quality, private moments you craft for your special someone at home. So have a little fun with it! Make them breakfast in bed, and serve it alongside a morning smoke sesh! These rolling trays by RAW give you different options to suit the individual tastes of your partner. Maybe they’re artsy, maybe they’re a little fruity, or maybe they’re just old-school sexy.

Valentine's Day Lap Tray

Roll a Heart-Shaped Crutch

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to surprise your love, impress them with this fun little trick. Roll a heart-shaped tip for your legal smoking herbs using these simple steps:

  1. Grab a normal paper tip and something thin and cylindrical, like a wooden skewer stick.
  2. Fold back a pinch of one end of the filter, about a centimeter.
  3. Next, use the stick to roll the paper on either side of the fold around into two little humps, so it resembles a curved “M.” These will be the top of your heart. (Think of how the number 3 gets used in a “<3”.)
  4. Fold your double-humps back against the rest of the filter, creasing the fold you made in Step 2 to reinforce the shape. (This part is like the “<” in “<3”.)
  5. Then, carefully roll the rest of the filter around your heart shape, into a normal cylindrical roll.
  6. That’s it! Now you have a special heart-shaped tip to roll with your favorite papers or wraps.

Use a Water Pipe as a Flower Vase

Water pipes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and while some can be pretty over-the-top, there’s no shortage of tasteful pieces that look good on the shelf of any home. This Valentine’s Day, you can put the roses you plan on gifting your special someone inside a vase that’s going to plus up your lifestyle beyond just holding your latest bouquet for a couple of weeks. Check out our Butler Basics 8″ Beaker pipes, as they’ll be sure to make two statements at once. Put another way, you’re free to get creative with whatever kind of flowers you choose to put in these vases!

Jane West Flower Vase

Make an Herbally-Infused Meal

Hippie Butler romantic Dinner

Every kitchen has long held a supply of herbs, so why not kick things up a notch by incorporating a new type of herb in your culinary repertoire? The Magical Butter Infusion Machine will take all the guesswork out of making infused oil, butter, tinctures, and even cocktails. Infused cooking may seem intimidating at first, but this system will ensure consistent, potent extracts for anyone who just follows the instructions. The set includes every accessory you need to get started, including a cookbook, a filter bag, and “The Glove,” made just for this kit. So you don’t have to sweat, just focus on impressing your loved one with a delicious herbal meal for date night.

Gift Your Valentine Unique Smoking Gear

Besides the special moments you will create with your partner this Valentine’s Day, it’s always a safe bet to gift them something they can use well after the evening has passed. If you’re looking for some quality gift ideas, your Hippie Butler has you covered:


Besides the special moments you will create with your partner this Valentine’s Day, it’s always a safe bet to gift them something they can use well after the evening has passed. If you’re looking for a gift that will really “wow” your Valentine this year, check out these recommendations from your Hippie Butler that your smoking partner will love.

We love hearing from you! In the comment section below, tell us about the best smoking related gift you’ve received.

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