A Letter From Your Hippie Butler

Dear Friends,

Whatever your style, your Butler has a bundle.

What makes the Hippie Butler’s smoking bundles so special, you ask? The Hippie Butler’s bundle collection is curated by our experts for smokers just like you.

It all began with one question: How can we provide even more value? We presented this question to our team of Butlers and were delighted with their answers.

Each Butler, mounted on a green Unicorn, traversed the universe with one thing in mind: gather a set of items that met their exact smoking needs and preferences, and thus the Hippie Butler Bundles were born!

Our Butlers then carefully vetted each item with the help of their loyal elves, carefully testing each item in their magic garden. After extensive testing, and with the help of copious amounts of pizza, cookies, and chips, our Butlers were finally able to convince their elves to relinquish the items for you, our loyal customers.

We then asked our customers which items represent them and what they need and want in their version of the ultimate smoking kit.

We began creating bundles to save you time and money while introducing you to a wide variety of products similar to those you already love. By the time you receive this letter, there will be in excess of 90 bundle options to choose from, ranging in price from just $6 to $220.

Whether you’re on the go, at home, celebrating, skydiving, riding a Polar Bear through the Yukon, or enjoying a solo sesh with your cat, the Butler has a bundle to match your mood and style.

Now it’s your turn to tell us… which Hippie Butler bundle represents you?


Your Hippie Butler

View our Bundles: https://www.hippiebutler.com/product-category/packed-bundles/

Erinn Holman

A millennial writer who's passionate about alternative medicine, the smoking industry, and the Oxford comma.

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