Mod Sun X Hippie Butler Collab

The Hippie Butler is proud to announce the launch of our official Mod Sun products! Beginning February 15th, you’ll be able to get your hands on a collection of colorful, artistic smoking accessories inspired by Mod Sun himself. From spoon pipes and grinders to rolling trays and lighters, you’ll be a HappyBB when you get your hands on these. In addition to these fun and quality products, we are also excited to announce a Mod Sun Butler Box, and the Mod Sun Opulent box! The Hippie Butler is thrilled to collaborate with Mod Sun because of his artistic vision, uplifting music, and positivity. Best known for his “hippy hop” music and colorful, playful videos, Mod Sun’s outlook on life and elevated mindset fits well with the Hippie Butler brand.

Mod Sun Butler Box

Mod Sun Butler Box Featuring products from Mod’s brand such as a beautiful spoon pipe, a rolling tray, and grinder featuring the artwork by Mod himself, Mod Sun Cotton Mouth Candy, and a Clipper lighter adorning Mod’s logo, the Mod Sun Butler Box is sure to put a Psycho Smile on your face! Also included are a few Hippie Butler goodies like a stash jar and sticker, plus a few rolling papers and a Quik Wikk to fit the needs of every smoker. After you buy the Mod Sun Butler box, you will be enrolled to receive a Butler Box every month! The Mod Sun Butler Box is a one time fee of $39.99. After that, you will be billed $32.99 monthly and will receive a glass piece, rolling tray, grinder, pre-rolled cones, cottonmouth candy cure for dry mouth, hemp wraps, rolling papers, lighters, hemp wick, and more, shipped discreetly to your doorstep.

Mod Sun’s Opulent Box

Mod Sun Opulent Box Mod Sun is the first to collab with the Butler in creating the newest member of our subscription boxes, the Opulent Box! Pairing Mod’s love for color and funky patterns, with the Butler’s passion for high-quality products, the Mod Sun Opulent box has it all! You get everything that is in the Mod Sun Butler Box, plus much, much more. The Hippie Butler Opulent Box features Mod’s products, plus the high quality pieces made by our good friends at ROOR, which makes this box nothing short of luxurious. ROOR made 100 limited edition, 12” glass water pipes featuring Mod’s logo and vibrant colors, especially for Hippie Butler. In addition to the custom glass spoon pipe and 12” water pipe made by ROOR, the Mod Sun Opulent Box also includes a circular ashtray, ROOR glass rolling tray, and a torch. Get your hands on one of the 100 Limited Edition Mod Sun Opulent Boxes available because once these bad boys are gone, they’re gone for good. Included: We want to say thank you to Mod Sun and ROOR for doing this collab with us and making our very first Opulent Box happen! Follow us on Instagram for a chance to win an Opulent Box of your own! When you receive your official Mod Sun products, use the hashtag #ModButler so we can see!

What Mod Sun X Hippie Butler gear are you most excited for?

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