Monthly Delivery of Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers Delivered Monthly Directly to You

Have you ever been sitting on the couch with your grinder loaded up and you reach in to your pack of RAW rolling papers to find you’re completely empty? So have we. No one likes running to Circle K at 1AM to grab an overpriced pack of Zig Zags. That’s why we ventured out to provide a monthly rolling paper delivery service so it doesn’t happen again.

The Best Rolling Paper Delivery Service

So what sets us apart from the other guys? It’s simple.

FREE Discreet Shipping

The shipping for our rolling paper deliveries is FREE if you’re in the United States and its territories… it doesn’t get any better than that!

Lowest Prices & the Best Value

Convenience stores have a lot of overhead and extra costs like rent and liquor/tobacco licenses. They sell a lot more than just rolling papers, so they don’t keep as big of a rolling paper inventory as we do (meaning it costs more for them to carry them). In turn, these costs get passed on to you. That sucks!

Customize Your Selection of Rolling Papers

You can choose exactly what style of roller you are, starting with rolling papers or wraps, flavored or non-flavored, or a mix of everything. It’s completely up to you!

Custom Rolling Paper Delivery Cycle

You choose how much you smoke. Some people only smoke a pack a month, while some might smoke a pack a day. That’s why it’s important that you can choose how frequently you get new rolling papers delivered.

Largest Selection of Rolling Papers

We’ve been in this industry for a long time, so we partner with the biggest rolling paper distributors and manufacturers in the game. That means you get access to any papers you can pick up at the local 7/11 or your smoke shop AND MORE. Trust us, we have papers and flavors you didn’t even know existed.

What Kind of Rolling Papers Do You Deliver?

Great question! The Hippie Butler service is catered to you and your smoking preferences. Prefer flavored papers? We’ll be sending you a mix of new Juicy Jay’s flavors to try every month so you never get bored. Keep it simple? No problem, we’ll send you the unflavored classics like RAW & Elements so you can taste your herb in all its glory. And if you’re the kind of smoker who digs it all, we’ll send you a variety pack with all kinds of papers.

What If I Prefer Wraps Over Rolling Papers?

Not even a problem. Our Rollers Club subscription can even be set to include only wraps or a mix of papers and wraps if you prefer both. If you’re picky about your wraps, you can even choose whether you want only flavored or non-flavored wraps delivered to you. You’ll always get exactly what you want with our monthly rolling paper delivery.

Why Should I Get Rolling Papers Delivered?

That’s a no-brainer. No one likes going to the overpriced convenience stores to buy one of the two brands of cheap rolling papers that they carry. With our FREE shipping and low-cost pricing, you will save a ton of time and money by getting these essentials delivered to your door every month. There’s nothing better than getting your fresh box each month with new papers, flavors, and other rolling accessories for you to try out. Oh, and you never had to get in your car and drive to get them. #NoBrainer