Pipe Protect Glass Warranty

Cover Your Glass

Your Hippie Butler is proud to Introduce the Pipe Protect glass warranty, an insurance against clumsiness (and good times)! In the event of an accident, you can enjoy unlimited redemptions of 50% off a replacement piece for up to two years from the date of your initial purchase.

All of our pipes from the Hippie Butler can be covered with Pipe Protect, including our top-selling pipes above. Browse our premium selection of glass and find a piece that you love – then get it covered with Pipe Protect!

How does Pipe Protect work?

It’s simple – add on the Pipe Protect glass warranty when purchasing your next pipe from Hippie Butler. If you break your pipe within two years from the date that you first ordered it, we’ll send you a replacement piece for 50% off.

How much does Pipe Protect cost?

The Pipe Protect glass warranty costs 10% of the retail price of the pipe you wish to protect.

Can I purchase a Pipe Protect glass warranty later?

Yes! You can now cover your already broken glass as we have extended our warranty to cover glass retroactively. If you don’t purchase Pipe Protect at the time of purchase and your piece breaks, all you need to do is pay 20% of the original price.

Can I purchase a Pipe Protect glass warranty if I bought my piece from another company?

If you bought your pipe from a different company, you can #CoverYourGlass through Hippie Butler’s Pipe Protect glass warranty! However, you will need to provide our customer service team with your original receipt and pay 30% of the original price. If we don’t carry the exact style of your pipe, we will substitute it for a similar piece.

How do I get my replacement pipe?

If you broke your pipe and are covered under the Pipe Protect glass warranty, getting a replacement is easy! Simply take a photo of the broken pipe alongside a handwritten note that has the current date, your full name on the original order, and your Pipe Protect warranty card. The pipe and the note must be in the same photo! Send the photo to support@hippiebutler.com and your Hippie Butler will send you a coupon to use towards a  replacement pipe.

What if I don’t have a picture of the broken piece?

Pipe Protect functions just like traditional insurance policies. If you do not have a photo with clear evidence of the damage alongside a note with the current date and your name, your replacement claim will be denied.

What if I’ve lost or misplaced my warranty card?

Your Hippie Butler understands that things can go missing after a few days, let alone two years. If you’ve lost your warranty card, you will need to provide us with your original order number so that we can confirm the purchase of your Pipe Protect glass warranty. This can create some additional processing times for receiving your replacement piece.

Do I send back my broken pipe?

Please do not ship back your broken pipe as it is not required in order for us to send you a replacement. Once you’ve e-mailed us proof of the damage and received confirmation that your claim has been approved, you can safely dispose of the broken pipe while you wait for the replacement to arrive.

Does this only cover the first replacement?

Your pipe has unlimited coverage for the two years that your warranty is in place. That means any time that it breaks during the two year warranty period, we’ll send you a replacement piece for 50% off of your original purchase price.

What if the pipe I ordered is out of stock?

If the pipe you originally ordered is unavailable for a replacement, you can either wait for it to be back in stock or we will issue you store credit equal to 50% of the cost of the original pipe that you purchased. The store credit will only be valid for the purchase of another pipe, within your warranty period.