Bunny Kitty Tray Bundle

By Hippie Butler

$59.00 $50.00

This super fun bundle includes everything you need to roll one with artful taste! Everything included in the Bunny Kitty Tray Bundle boasts a lighthearted vibe. The durable, metal tray showcases the Bunny Kitty character posing with a playful look while sitting next to a little blue bird. Each item was handpicked by Your Butler to ensure your smoking sessions are easy to roll with the RAW paper roller, full of flavor with Juicy Jay’s triple dipped hemp wraps, and unique with a neochrome Clipper lighter. Also included is a durable tuxedo brandished Hippie Butler grinder– perfect for grinding up your favorite legal smoking herbs! This super entertaining bundle will keep even the most serious of smoking connoisseurs at ease!

Included in this bundle:


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