Cali Crusher 4 Piece 1.85″ Quicklock Pocket Herbal Grinder

Cali Crusher


Get the most out of your grind and smoking experience when you utilize these premium but portable Cali Crusher pocket grinders! These grinders are packed with ample features to address annoying issues most grinders run into to make your smokes that much more enjoyable. Made of medical grade aluminum, these 4-piece grinders are masterfully crafted to be easy to travel with and offer a quicklock feature so you won’t need to worry about your grinder getting jammed or cross threaded. With these grinders, you get more loading space for your legal smoking herbs while you get a finer cut with the indestructible radial cut blades. The pollen chamber has curved edges, allowing for you to easily scoop it out without losing anything in the seams. These pocket grinders give you a pocket grinder that still maintains its powerful features and gives you the pleasant smoke you can sit back and relax with!


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