Cereal/Snack Bowl Pipe

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Pack two bowls at the same time with these handy Cereal/Snack Bowls. Each bowl offers a simple and straightforward design so one can enjoy their favorite cereal, soup, salsa, or candy while also partaking from their favorite legal smoking blends! These multi-functioning bowls are sure to make their way into your daily routine.

Pipe Protect Warranty

Pipe Protect Warranty

Introducing the Pipe Protect glass warranty from Hippie Butler, an insurance against clumsiness (and good times)! In the event of an accident, you can enjoy unlimited redemptions of 50% off a replacement piece for up to 2 years from the date of your purchase. (Learn more)

1 review for Cereal/Snack Bowl Pipe

  1. 5 out of 5

    rosielenoir (verified owner)

    I just received a box of pieces for my New Year 2021 style change! I am so excited but it was so hard to decide which to try 1st the Bowl n da Bowl won! Its double duty for me! I’m a micro doser. I have Chronic Pain Problems and I eat a little edible as the day goes buy! I also Smoke when my pain level is over a 7! Back to the bowl it was in a Flash Sale lucky me right! Not only did the BOWL N A BOWL come in a great box! But it came in purplish color love it! I was thinking when ordering i wonder if there’s more than green! Yes ma’am!!! That was a great surprise! I bought a December @Hippie Butler box at the same Time! ALONG WITH ALOT OF PIECES! My choice was hard because I was not having a good day! Man does this Bowl in a Bowl help when you need both in reach when your hurting especially when your arms hurt or just can’t get rid of pain! I ate edibles they weren’t working as I was hoping! I had both right on my table ready to go! 4 which ever treatment I needed through the day! A great concept for cereal eaters!! But great for easy to reach medication dispenser thank you Hippie Butler! I absolutely love my candy dish/medication pipe! I found it smooth! Very excited to try the rest of my pipes later I’m low key in love with this 1 right now!
    Xoxo Rosiecheeks

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