Concentrates Starter Bundle

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Hippie Butler


Getting the best set up for your concentrates can be a difficult feat when you are first starting out, but this bundle makes it that much easier! Offering you plenty of tools to get your set up started, or to add more staples to your collection, this bundle has you covered. Keep everything neat and tidy with the easy to clean and manage Hippie Butler silicone mat, assuring that you don’t make a mess and that everything stays put. Then, use the handy spade tool for your concentrates in the divided silicone container with ease! Finally, all you need to do is utilize the simple but effective Recycler Rig and torch lighter included, and you will have a sensationally smooth smoke. With everything that you need to enjoy your concentrates with, you can sit back and relax without worry! Please note the colors and logos may vary.

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3 reviews for Concentrates Starter Bundle

  1. 4 out of 5

    melissacasden (verified owner)

    Was almost perfect the spade if glass would of been better! Made for a great gift

  2. 4 out of 5

    romie.b91 (verified owner)

    Decent little kit, the container and dab tool are pretty standard, what you’d expect. The glass isn’t a bad little piece, nothing exceptional but nothing wrong with it. Works well, hits fine so no complaints. The mat is pretty great, heat resistant (from what I can tell) and nothing sticks to it so you can get a big gooey dab and lay the tool right down on the mat no worries. Definitely very helpful. The one complaint I have is the torch. It’s just sort of… well.. cheap. Point blank. It looks cheap, it feels cheap, and it runs out fuel FAST. You can get maybe 2-3 dabs out of it before you need to refill. But it’ll get you started, just make sure you get a butane refill to have close by. Over all I’d say it’s worth the money though. It was also delivered from AZ to the east coast very quickly. Would buy again.

  3. 3 out of 5

    kjstirling555 (verified owner)

    A little disappointed in this bundle. The recycler is amazing alone which makes up for the box. Im disappointed because i never received the divided silicon container it states that comes with it. The domeless quartz banger glass dome i received has some kind of film fused to it or some kind of manipulation within the quartz itself. The torch heats quick but also empties quick. Besides the few concerns this is a great starter bundle for the price.

    • Nique

      Hi there, we are sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at [email protected] so we can resolve this issue for you.