Mod Sun Opulent One Time Box

Hippie Butler, MOD SUN

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The first round of limited edition boxes will start shipping about February 15th**

Your Hippie Butler is proud to present, in partnership with our good friends Mod Sun and RooR Pure Smoke Kulture, the most Opulent Box we have ever offered! This limited edition box features the very best products the high end smoking world has to offer, all packed into a one-of-a-kind case. We couldn’t wait to work with Mod Sun himself, the original creator and artist behind the Mod Sun Brand that brings bright and whimsical patterns, positive happy energy, and high quality accessories to your smoke sessions. Use the fun Mod Sun rolling tray with your matching Mod Sun grinder, and become the life of the party (dare we say hero?) when you share your delicious Cottonmouth Candies with your friends. Of course Hippie Butler also had to include RooR, the world renowned German glass maker, and their beautiful hand blown glass. Each case includes a unique 12″ Water Pipe signed by the maker and glass banger attachment, as well as a high quality RooR torch and glass ashtray to start. Of course your Butler made sure not to leave you wanting for anything so we were sure to include the little things that make every smoke session complete. Show up to your next smoke circle with your custom roller case of goodies and we guarantee you’ll be the envy of everyone there. So grab this one time, limited edition box and be one of the exclusive few to elevate their smoking game to a whole new level. These limited edition Mod Sun boxes are specially crafted for our customers and can take up to 4 weeks to ship.

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