Nerd Bundle


If you’re a geek, a retro enthusiast, or just a fan of video games, this bundle comes with plenty to offer our nerdy smoking aficionados. With 2 Linse lighters, one in each retro console design, you can assure that your fingers won’t get burnt with the swivel nozzle, so you can keep button smashing to your heart’s content. Utilize the Poke-grinder so you can shred your legal smoking materials to perfection, all without using HM01. The NES controller rolling tray has curved corners and a high edge, so you never need to worry about losing your smoking goods when you lose a life in your game. Finally, save game and stash your goodies away in the warp pipe green storage container before you start your conquest of World¬†3-1. This is the¬†perfect bundle for the inner nerd in us all!

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