Prohibited Cartridge E-Rig Kit

By Prohibited


The Prohibited In the 5th Degree E-Rig Cartridge Kit turns any of your multi-use vaporizers into an e-rig with a glass bubbler attachment which can be filled with water to ensure a smooth and even hit. This wonderful kit includes three e-nails which offer yet another way to enjoy your favorite concentrates in three different ways from one device. No self heating is required as the battery powered rig offers a heating element cartridge to heat your concentrate in a matter of seconds. The heating element itself is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 840° F.

What’s in the Box:

  • E-Rig Cartridge
  • Glass Bubbler Attachment
  • Three Interchangeable E-Nails (Quartz, Titanium, & Ceramic)
  • Weighted Magnetic Charging Base
  • Travel Case
  • Three Silicon Concentrate Containers

Grab up the battery for this rig here.


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