Quik Wikk TUT Hemp Wick

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Quik Wikk


This uniquely packaged Quik Wikk TUT Wick is cleverly wound around a spool to ensure an easy pull every time. Quik Wikk’s hemp wick is coated in 100% organic beeswax to ensure moisture doesn’t impact your lights. Hemp wick is a natural and safe alternative to light and smoke with than a regular lighter. That’s why Quik Wikk hemp wick is the only way to go.

Need more hemp wick? Try Quik Wikk’s 12ft Spool!

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1 review for Quik Wikk TUT Hemp Wick

  1. 5 out of 5

    toka.tokes26 (verified owner)

    Just bought this. I normally use Quik Wikk mini Hemp Wick wheels but I wanted to try this as I’m obsessed with Quik Wikk Hemp wick and how it burns slower and is the best hemp wick on the market. I also love king tut and ancient Egyptology so I got this to try/add to my collection of smoking accessories. Try QuikWikk today! In any form!Its all good!