RAW Cone Wallet Bundle



Stay portable and RAWthentic with this RAW Cone Wallet Bundle. Each of these bundles comes with two packs of RAW pre-rolled cones (6 in each pack), a RAW Clipper lighter, a RAW cone bro, and it’s all conveniently packed into a RAW carry case for ease of portability. Every RAW paper is unrefined and 100% natural meaning everything you smoke with these papers will produce a clean and natural burn. The included cone bro is handmade of a high quality glass which showcases the iconic red RAW emblem. It also allows for an easier smoke as it is placed at the tip of your roll/wrap to prevent scorched fingers while adding support and stability to your smoke. This fantastic bundle is perfect for a quick on the go trip and the nice carry case is just the right size to bring with you anywhere you go!

This bundle includes:

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