Rolls VIP 60 Pack 6mm Filters

By Rolls


Rolls helps to give you a top of the line smoking experience by enhancing your smokes with their smart filter technology! Masterfully crafted to reduce waste and eliminate more impurities in your smokes, these 6mm filters are exactly what your premium smokes need to be that much more enjoyable and these filters are like nothing you have ever rolled with before. This line of Rolls smart filters feature holes to create a vacuum seal with your smokes and also implement the cooling system to give you less of a scratchy throat. Your smoking experience is sure to get to the next level with these high-quality filters and are even easier to roll with. Both beautiful to look at and wonderful to use, these Rolls smart filters are everything that you need in a filter and then some!

These smart filters are not for tobacco use and are intended to only be used with legal smoking herbs.

You will receive one randomly selected pack design.



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