Roor TECH 18″ Fixed Beaker with 10-Arm Tree Perc

By RooR


This Roor TECH 18″ Fixed Beaker with 10-Arm tree perc and ice pinch, creates the ultimate filtration every time. This piece features a 50mm diameter and 5mm wall thickness so you know it will last. The 10-arm tree perc forces your smoke through smaller slits which cools it and filters it even more than a traditional percolator. The ice pinch allows you to place one or two ice cubes in the neck of the piece for even more cooling and filtration. Don’t pass up a chance to own this quality piece! These glass pieces are handmade to order, please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


Pipe Protect Glass Warranty

Pipe Protect Warranty

Pipe Protect Warranty

Introducing the Pipe Protect glass warranty from Hippie Butler, an insurance against clumsiness (and good times)! In the event of an accident, you can enjoy unlimited redemptions of 50% off a replacement piece for up to 2 years from the date of your purchase. (Learn more)


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