Skunk Brand Rolling Tray & Cover



Introducing the exceptional Skunk Brand Rolling Tray & Cover! Designed for a smooth, enjoyable rolling experience, this tray has many features and a skunky style with beloved Sneaky, Skunk Brands mascot smirking as always in the center! The slide-out side tray works great for breaking up material and keeping accessories, the holes around the tray are handy for cones, tips, pokers, and a Clipper Lighter, and the thin slot on the side holds your favorite Skunk Brand rolling papers!

The Skunk Brand Rolling Tray Cover slides on securely to the rolling tray, features a shred pad, and has three raised edges with a flat edge on the bottom for scooping material to the lower level. When it’s time to put everything away, the cover keeps the contents safely inside for the next time to roll!

The cover also slides perfectly onto Skunk Cake Rolling Trays!


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