Spring Cleaning Bundle



Spring into action and get your smoking gear shiny and clean again in an odor-free environment with this handy bundle! This bundle comes packed with everything you need, and then some, to make everything like new again. For your glass and metal pipe cleaning needs, you will get a bundle of bristle Zen pipe cleaners for the hard to reach nooks and crannies, as well as Randy’s Black Label Snaps that are alcohol filled swabs which are precise! Alongside those, use the Resolution Gel and Caps to soak and seal everything up and get those stains and odors out of your smoking gear. For your home or anywhere where there may be a lingering odor, utilize the powerful Ozium Air Sanitizer, making sure that things remain odor free and clean! Then, make sure things stay odorless and fresh by using the Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter when you smoke – simply blow smoke in and get fresh air out. This bundle will keep your things spring fresh with ease! Colors and Ozium Air Sanitizer scents will vary.

Items Included in Bundle:

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