Zig Zag Classic Bundle



With the Zig Zag Classic Bundle, you get the very best of the classic Zig Zag that you know and love! This bundle includes two packs of Zig Zag 1 1/4 Orange Rolling Papers, Zig Zag Ultra Thin 1 1/4, Zig Zag Ultra-Thin 1 1/2 Rolling Papers, Zig Zag King Size, Zig Zag White Cut Corners, Zig Zag White Single Wide, Zig Zag Orange Rolling Tray, and a Zig Zag 100mm Roller. Just pick your favorite pack, roll yourself a smoke (or get your personal butler to) and enjoy!

We sell only Authentic Zig Zag products and are an authorized retailer. Zig Zag is one of the most counterfeited brands on the market today, so be careful where you buy and make sure that you only get authentic Zig Zag rolling papers!


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