The Best Travel Gear for Smokers

As always, The Hippie Butler is at your service, and today, he’s your travel guide. He created a checklist filled with the best smoking gear that every traveling smoker should follow. When packing, it’s always good to have a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything, and if you’ll be traveling with legal smoking herbs, it’s important that you pack accordingly. There are many ways to consume tobacco and legal smoking herbs, but some are better to use than others while you’re on a trip. If you plan on smoking during your vacation, pack smart and don’t bring more than you need. First, you need to choose which smoking method you want to use on your trip. The Butler prefers to smoke out of a water pipe just as much as the next guy, but it’s best if you leave your beloved 20” water pipe at home this time. You’ll want something that’s practical, but also something that won’t take up half of your suitcase. You don’t want to travel with pipes that are easily broken, are dirty or take up too much room. If you want to bring a pipe, we suggest bringing a silicone spoon pipe, or a chillum that’s meant for discreet smoking.

Smoking Kits

Every smoker who is getting ready to travel should always pack a smoking kit. A smoking kit is a preferably small and smell-proof pouch or container that can fit all of your smoking accessories in one safe and discreet place. Every smoking kit should include your favorite rolling papers or pre-rolled cones, a rolling machine, a small rolling tray, a lighter, hemp wick. If you prefer to smoke out of a pipe, a chillum might be the best option for you, however, to avoid the added risk of traveling with smoking products, Your Hippie Butler prefers to keep rolling papers and pre-rolled cones in his smoking kit. Rolling papers are the best way to smoke while you’re far from home because they are cheap and disposable, which means they can be thrown away if needed.

An alternative option to packing rolling papers is to pack a vape instead. When it comes to smoking while traveling, vapes are the most convenient and discreet option other than papers. The smell usually isn’t easily detected, the smoke dissipates quickly, and new types of vapes like the Avant or Starry by Xvape are constantly revolutionizing the smoke game.

If you’re looking for premade bundles, we’ve got you covered. The Smoking Brand Deluxe Smokers Kit is compact and has everything you need for a smoke sesh on the go. This bundle is small but mighty and has it all, including a shredder card, hemp wick, lighter, tips, and papers that all fit in a handy tin, which can double as a holder for your prerolls. If you prefer variety, The Hit the Road Kit includes rolling papers, roll-up tips, a Clipper Lighters, a 4 piece Hippie Butler grinder, and a chillum, all nestled in a compact pop-up storage container for the ultimate smokers kit. Plus, the handy container keeps all of your smoking needs safely and conveniently stored so you can smoke on the go!

Hippie Butler Spring Break While traveling, it’s also important that you pack a smell neutralizer to make sure that your lingering smoke doesn’t give you away. An awesome piece of gear to add to your travel kit is a small can of Ozium Spray. Ozium spray can eliminate the smell of smoke, your dirty gym bag, old shoes, or a car, which means that your smoke session can go undetected. This small bottle of Ozium is the perfect size to fit in a purse or your carry-on bag. While most air deodorizers fall to the ground, this spray rises with your smoke. This enables you to smoke without having to worry about leaving a lingering odor after you’re finished with your sesh. Now that you have all of your smoking supplies picked out for your trip, you need to have something to keep it all safe. For transporting your supplies, look no further than the airtight, waterproof, smell proof travel hard case from Your Hippie Butler. This durable case is easy to travel with and guarantees to lock in smells. It’s also airtight and will float so valuables won’t be ruined if your vacation involves a trip to the beach or a relaxing day of boating. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking on your next vacation, you may want to invest in a Raw Smellproof BakePack. These smell-proof backpacks easily slip on and off for a quick smoke break. They also offer a duffle cone bag that works great as a checked piece of luggage. Whichever one you choose, these RAW bags are odorless and won’t make you stick out as a “smelly tourist” once you arrive at your destination.


The next time that you’re packing for a vacation, use this downloadable checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything important. Remember to pack your travel kit ahead of time and fill it with the essentials you’ll need to make sure your vacation will be top notch. We love hearing from you! What are your travel tips for smokers going on vacation? Tell us your travel tips in the comments down below.

Where do you keep your stash when traveling?

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  1. As someone who travels a lot I constantly have to think of how I’m going to transport my stuff to enjoy while I am on vacation. This article alone helps me realize there is so much more that I need then I ever thought I did for traveling. Leave it to hippie butler making things easier and we didn’t know we needed to be easier.

  2. Awesome tips & oodles of info! Love the links to the products too! I don’t do much traveling, but with this info I’ll definitely be ready without any hitches. Thank you ?

  3. I love my green can with the pop top! I can fit my chillum, papers, smoke, and a lighter in it. And the smell stays inside the container!! Can’t imagine life without it!

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