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Looking to buy hemp wraps wholesale? We can help you with bulk orders. Hemp wraps are the hottest product of the year and for good reason. Smoke shops and dispensaries across the United States are struggling to keep hemp wraps on the shelf because of the huge demand from consumers. Lucky for you, the Hippie Butler carries all of the top brands of hemp wraps to get you back in stock, so don’t miss out on sales and let your customers down. Simply fill out our wholesale inquiry form.

What are Hemp Wraps?

If you don’t already know, hemp wraps are similar to regular tobacco wraps (AKA blunt wraps), however they contain no tobacco or nicotine. This makes for a really clean smoke that tastes and feels like a blunt wrap without all the nasty additives. This is perfect for smokers who are looking to cut back on tobacco or nicotine but still want to enjoy the feel of a traditional blunt wrap. The majority of our customers have noted that they now prefer hemp wraps to traditional tobacco wraps due to the fact that they can taste their product better.

Hemp Wrap Brands We Wholesale

Just like tobacco wraps, hemp wraps come in both flavored and natural versions. We carry all of the top brands of both flavored hemp wraps and natural hemp wraps. We even carry a large selection of pre-rolled herbal cones that are huge sellers as well.

  • Juicy Hemp Wraps
  • Kingpin Hemp Wraps
  • Skunk Hemp Wraps
  • Primal Herbal Wraps
  • High Hemp Wraps
  • Kong Hemp Wraps
  • Twisted Hemp Wraps

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For pricing and quantities, please fill out the wholesale order form on this page with your business information and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly with more information.

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